Muscle MLK photoshoot

May 29, 2017

I always knew I wanted a shot at modelling…. just kidding. But when an opportunity came up to run for a Muscle MLK Canada photo shoot with some of my faves from the Abby Trail Running Club… I was so excited to join the fun!!! Promoting running – especially trail running and women running… AND… great products…. what could be better?!

Monday evening… after sleeping off a night shift and 2 back to back long runs… I joined the crew up on Sumas mountain again (3 days in a row!! Crazy!) for a gorgeous late afternoon run and photo shoot.

Matt of Stirl and Rae Photo was phenomenal to work with!!!!IMG_0761It was a lot of running up and down short sections of hill, trying to look as badass as possible… without looking like a hot sweaty mess. Pretty sure my strava for that run was totally ridiculous. But Matt got some MIND-BLOWING shots of us running a little bit of a ridge overlooking the Fraser River and out towards Mission… The layers of mountains in the background and lush golden greenery in the forefront were just incredible!! Plus we look awesome obviously!IMG_0706Photo credit for these 2 pics goes to Matt of Stirl & Rae Photo. Photos courtesy of Muscle MLK Canada. IMG_0326We spent a little time running across one of my favourite bridges on the trail as well were Matt got some great video footage for Muscle MLK‘s Global Running Day video.

And then to finish it off, we ran over to the ATRC bench which overlooks the valley, for some more really sweet shots as the sun started to set.

We squished together in a car for a rocky, sweaty drive up the mountain to new locations… It’s “our sweat”. Lots of laughs. It was really a beautiful experience to run with my friends, laughing and talking and really just loving what we do, being showcased loving what we do… My heart was definitely overflowing with love for these wonderful people and gratitude for the strength to do what we do.

I also really really appreciate Muscle MLK for featuring trail running – and especially featuring and promoting women in the sport! Women of all ages and all body types…

Photo credit for this gorgeous pic goes to Matt of Stirl & Rae Photo. Photos courtesy of Muscle MLK Canada.IMG_0932I am incredibly passionate about encouraging everyone to run – starting young, for maximum health and wellness. We often compare ourselves to others and what they can do, how fast they are or how far they  can run. But every time we run, we are amazing! It’s all about the effort you put into it and where you’ve come from! It’s the habit you make of it, the way you grow and your body changes and strengthens. It’s  the way you can run a solid kilometer without stopping for the first time, or your first 5k, or maybe your first half marathon, or to run up mountains you never dreamed you’d ever have the endurance to run up, or to lose your fear of the downhill and just let go and run freely. It’s the sense of fulfilment and happiness that comes with pushing boundaries and our bodies to do more than we thought was possible. It’s the way you learn to love yourself and your body and what your body is capable of . And if you stick to it, and push through the pain of starting up running, it will change your life completely!!! It has changed my life completely.

Photo credit for this gorgeous pic goes to Matt of Stirl & Rae Photo. Photos courtesy of Muscle MLK Canada.IMG_0875


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